Vibrant Health & Ceremonial Self Care


Brenda Goodell

Holistic Health Practitioner

Brenda Goodell began as a IPSB trained massage therapist in 1991. As she worked in the body fixing industry it became apparent that other influences like mental outlook and spiritual expression affected healing as much or more than physical manipulation. Her practice has expanded to include many “access points” to guide clients to the same outcome: physical grounding, pain relief, deep peace & sustainable inspiration.


Ever evolving, Brenda has created a sanctuary where one can come to heal & revivify mind-body & spirit in the best way for them. Clients come to collaborate in soulful, Sacred Anointing, healing deep tissue massage, Celtic reflexology, life changing NLP, transformative self-discovery with Theta Healing®, yoga therapy, Sound table, & meditation. Don’t worry if you can’t decide! The right medicine for the moment always appears.


Tiziana Boccaletti


Tiziana Boccaletti is a lover of beauty and enchantment who feels a strong connection to the healing world of plants and flowers. Born and raised in northern Italy, Tiziana grew up in a small village near fragrant conifer forests and sparkling alpine lakes, a magical setting that filled her with awe for the daily miracles of Mother Nature.


She infuses every inspired formula, be it a botanical perfume, a massage oil, a fragrant balm or tincture with her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine mixed with the wisdom coming from her Ancient Alchemical European roots.


Presently, she collaborates with local organic farms to distill freshly harvested medicinal plants in her aromatherapy studio and obtain medicinal grade hydrosols. She also utilizes traditional methods of Sun and Moon imaceration in all her preparations. The result? Pure joy and a fragrant Heart. You only have to try her concoctions once to be spellbound!


Connect with the mysterious depth of Spirit

Ani Adams

Gaia Perfumes

Gaia Perfumes was inspired to be used in sacred ritual to connect with the mysterious depth of Spirit. It is used via Inhalation and Anointing. Evoke the sacred power of creativity through anointing yourself daily with these customized aromatherapy parfums. Each one has been designed to enhance your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and to deepen your enjoyment of the senses.


Enjoy the spaciousness to receive. Inhale deeply, savour the aromas and dive deep into your Serenity. This is an invitation to relax and beautify.


Rodney Schwan

Clinical Aromatherapist & Educator

Rodney Schwan, Holistic Health Aromatherapy Practitioner, Esthetician, Clinical Massage Therapist. Internationally recognized published aromatherapist, medically endorsed.


Principal presenter and owner of the Aromatherapy Institute and Spa. Professional Member AIA, Former Alliance of International Aromatherapists Director of Research Committee & Pacific Regional Representative.


He is part of the Faculty at the ACGME accredited Hospice and Palliative Medical Training Program for UCSD & Scripps Hospital. Founder of Integrative Aromatherapy program at San Diego Hospice & Institute for Palliative Care.


Lilavati Devi

Aromabliss Ayurvedic Skincare

Lilavati Devi is the creator of Aromabliss Ayurvedic Skincare, Ayurvedic Alchemist & Yogini. She began to pursue her dharma in the field of the ancient healing arts in the early 80’s, inspired by nature’s profound healing wisdom.


After becoming certified and licensed in skin care, she began her journey as a much sought after Aesthetician and body therapist in spas in Philadelphia and New Jersey. She enhanced her stateside therapy training by traveling to Europe and receiving international certification (ITEC) in massage and body therapy. Her relentless pursuit of “knowing” the plants lead her to studies with brilliant international Aromatherapy teachers which inspired her to create her own perfumes and aromatic healing remedies.


She went on to receive two separate certifications in reflexology while pursuing her interest in Shiatsu and macrobiotics. Her studies led her to certification in Chi Kung body therapy, carpal tunnel and LaStone therapy.


In 2008 Lilavati received her Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy certification through Marc Halpern, president of the California College of Ayurveda and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in the Bahamas and in 2010, Lilavati opened the beautiful Temple of the Lotus, Philadelphia’s Ayurvedic altier and healing center.

Holistic Massage & Energy Healing by Brenda Goodell