Vibrant Health & Ceremonial Self Care


Brenda Goodell

Holistic Health Practitioner

Brenda Goodell began as a IPSB trained massage therapist in 1991. As she worked in the body fixing industry it became apparent that other influences like mental outlook and spiritual expression affected healing as much or more than physical manipulation. Her practice has expanded to include many “access points” to guide clients to the same outcome: physical grounding, pain relief, deep peace & sustainable inspiration.


Ever evolving, Brenda has created a sanctuary where one can come to heal & revivify mind-body & spirit in the best way for them. Clients come to collaborate in soulful, Sacred Anointing, healing deep tissue massage, Celtic reflexology, life changing NLP, transformative self-discovery with Theta Healing®, yoga therapy, Sound table, & meditation. Don’t worry if you can’t decide! The right medicine for the moment always appears.


Tiziana Boccaletti


Tiziana Boccaletti is a lover of beauty and enchantment who feels a strong connection to the healing world of plants and flowers. Born and raised in northern Italy, Tiziana grew up in a small village near fragrant conifer forests and sparkling alpine lakes, a magical setting that filled her with awe for the daily miracles of Mother Nature.


She infuses every inspired formula, be it a botanical perfume, a massage oil, a fragrant balm or tincture with her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine mixed with the wisdom coming from her Ancient Alchemical European roots.


Presently, she collaborates with local organic farms to distill freshly harvested medicinal plants in her aromatherapy studio and obtain medicinal grade hydrosols. She also utilizes traditional methods of Sun and Moon imaceration in all her preparations. The result? Pure joy and a fragrant Heart. You only have to try her concoctions once to be spellbound!


Quantum Harmonic Attunement

Ajeet Campbell

Light Being Music

Vibroacoustics Sound table healing or vibroacoustics as it is called, is an amazing technology. It gives you the opportunity to have healing music delivered directly to the body. The results are unmatched by any other modality of healing. The energy in the body is felt enormously, there is no denying the healing power of it.


With the specifically tuned music penetrating deep into the body, there is no place for stagnant energy to hide. Atoms are said to be made of 99.99999% space, and within this space there is spin.


Spin can be measured in cycles per second, as is frequency. When an atom is spinning at its optimal rate, we see not only a healthy body, but one that is vibrant. When we are tuned up on this atomic level it brings about synchronicity, and revelations. It gives one a sense of purpose, answering some of the big questions in life, like who am I?, or why am I here?


Connect with the mysterious depth of Spirit

Ani Adams

Gaia Perfumes

Gaia Perfumes was inspired to be used in sacred ritual to connect with the mysterious depth of Spirit. It is used via Inhalation and Anointing. Evoke the sacred power of creativity through anointing yourself daily with these customized aromatherapy parfums. Each one has been designed to enhance your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and to deepen your enjoyment of the senses.


Enjoy the spaciousness to receive. Inhale deeply, savour the aromas and dive deep into your Serenity. This is an invitation to relax and beautify.

Holistic Massage & Energy Healing by Brenda Goodell