A percentage of your session price will go to support one of these causes:

The Pain Free Project

A world where no survivor heals alone
San Diego acupuncturist Angela Yvonne started The Pain Free project in 2015 with a mission to help more people lead pain free lives. The idea came to her out of the realization that acupuncture, while being one of the most effective and noninvasive ways to offer relief, is often not covered by health insurance. Furthermore, this service is often out of reach for many vulnerable individuals in our community.


In 2017, The Pain Free Project shifted it’s focus to work with one of San Diego’s most vulnerable communities, survivors of Human Sex Trafficking. It is our goal to help these brave survivors heal their wounds and find footing to brighter futures through access to holistic medicine.


We believe that by making natural treatments accessible, survivors of human sex trafficking will find restored health and a pain free future.

Living with XXY

Built to inspire people and families living with Klinefelter syndrome(47 XXY)
Living with XXY is a NonProfit Charitable Organization built to inspire people and families living with Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY). With a focus on the positive traits and successes of individuals across the spectrum, we will work to build a community through awareness, education, and support.


Between 1-400 to 1-650 males are born with Klinefelter syndrome. Only 25% will be diagnosed at some point in their lifetime, 75% will never know. Beyond the typical definitions, as seen in medical references and other resources, Klinefelter syndrome to us is not some insurmountable challenge which cannot be overcome. Rather, while it does have numerous challenges at times, Klinefelter syndrome has a lot of positive traits which are often overshadowed by the challenges listed below. These positive traits include, but are not limited to, the following: kinetic, hands-on, right-brained, empathic, creative, and visual or eidetic memory.


As an organization, we vow to hold ourselves and those with whom we partner to the following fundamental values: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Communication, Collaboration and Innovation.


We work together to provide awareness through personal connections, reinforce positivity through social media, and influence change through strategic partnerships.

The Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls

A Portland Oregon 501(c)3 non-profit
The Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls builds girls’ self-esteem through music creation and performance. Providing workshops and technical training, we create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourage social change and the development of life skills.


Rock ’n’ Roll Camp for Girls was founded in 2001 by a Portland State University student as a summer day camp. In 2003, the organization moved into its own space in Northeast Portland and, in an effort to further fulfill the mission of the organization, launched the Girls Rock Institute, an after-school program that provides more opportunities for girls to get involved throughout the year.


We have been to the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls Camp for 5 awesome summers. I support them so they can continue to teach and inspire girls in the amazing way they do!

e³ Civic High School

Engage • Educate • Empower
e³ Civic High will engage, educate, and empower their students, teachers, and parents in a community of passionate, life-long learners who value excellence in academics, civic engagement and individual success.


The Mission of e³ Civic High is to embrace our unique location within the San Diego Public Library and maximize our relationship with the downtown community in order to prepare students for college, career and life-long learning.


Brenda Goodell supports e³ by providing  aromatherapy & chair massage one Friday per month for Faculty and Staff Health & Wellness at this dynamic and vital Charter High School in Downtown San Diego.


The faculty and staff of this high school are so dedicated and energetic that I am inspired by them!
I am grateful for all they do for the students at e-3!

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