Invoking the Sacred Power of Plants with Organic Custom Blended Aromas

Invoke the sacred power of plants and explore the divine as you relax in a sensual cloud of organic custom blended aromas selected to enhance your experience. I use the organic mastermind blends of Ani Adams-Bucholtz & her company Blue Moon Herbals & Aromatics exclusively in this process because of the purity and joyful exuberance of her blends.


Precious oils are inhaled, steamed and anointed while I balance and unblock the body’s energy centers. Essential oils are able to reach the inner recesses of the mind and release stored emotions and memories which can lead to a sense of emotional freedom. This ritual honors and remembers the higher life force which animates and expresses through you as you.

“I have been using Blue Moon products for years to clear my healing space. What a treat!”
All sales partially benefit one of these causes